How to Install WordPress

How to Install WordPress? Usually, WordPress websites are installed on a server. However, we can also install WordPress on a local computer before we upload it to the server. The advantage of installing WordPress on a local is that we can access the WordPress site without an internet connection.

After knowing the definition and differences of WordPress, this time, we will give you a tutorial about “How to Install WordPress” on several platforms. Such as on localhost on Windows, macOS, Linux, and servers such as cPanel, VestaCP, and HestiaCP.

This method is possible if you want to know how WordPress works or only want to try using WordPress for the first time. Or even a WordPress theme or plugin developer who is developing or creating their work usually uses this method.

What is WordPress

WordPress can be run locally on computers with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. To run WordPress locally using a variety of tools, such as:

Install WordPress on Localhost

We will discuss how to install WordPress on localhost. We will explain in full how to install WordPress from various operating systems.

Install WordPress on Windows

You might be wondering how to install WordPress on localhost windows. We will use two tools, XAMPP and WAMP.

Take it easy in this tutorial. We will use images as illustrations so that you can easily follow along.

Install WordPress on windows using XAMPP

First, open the XAMPP application. If you have not installed it on your computer, please download the XAMPP software here.

Once you have finished downloading and installing the app on your computer, please open the application and activate the Apache and MySQL services. 

Turn on Apache and MySQL

XAMPP Software

Check that after you press the “Start” button, the apache and MySQL modules are running correctly, and the text are blocked with a green background.

Start Apache and MySQL

Download WordPress CMS

WordPress Website

Then please download WordPress from wordpress.org. Click the “Get WordPress” button, then select the latest version of WordPress.

Download WordPress CMS

Extract WordPress zip and move or copy to “C\xampp\htdocs”

Extract the WordPress folder in the “C\xampp\htdocs” directory

After the download process is complete, open your download folder. Here I downloaded the latest WordPress version 6.0.2. Maybe when you read this article, the version of WordPress available is different. But take it easy, the method we used to install it is still the same. Please extract the WordPress folder in the “C\xampp\htdocs” directory.

You can also copy the WordPress folder and enter the “C\xampp\htdocs” directory, then click “Extract here” and a folder with the name “WordPress” appears.

Rename wordpress folder to nesiapress_wp

You can rename the folder according to your taste. Here we use the name “nesiapress_wp” We will use this folder as a marker when we have many WordPress projects.

Create a Database on MySQL

To create a new database on MySQL, open the XAMPP application, then click the “admin” button on the MySQL line or go to the address http://localhost/phpmyadmin. Then the database menu will appear.

Create new database

Create a new database, then click the create button. Here we use nesiapress_wp for the database name. If the database is completely created. a list of databases will appear on the left sidebar.

Start installation

Here we enter the installation stage. Type http://localhost/ into your browser, and the WordPress folder we extracted will appear.

Open Localhost on browser

Click the folder until the image appears below, then select the language you want to use for your website. Here we use English, then click the “Continue” button.

Choose WordPress Language

Then click the let’s go button.

Welcome Screen

Enter the database name as we have created it before. Here I entered the name nesiapress_wp. Enter “root” in the username form and leave the password form blank. Then click the submit button.

Submit MySQL Information

If successful, a page will appear shown below. Then click the “Run the installation” button.

Enter data information for our WordPress web

Fill in the site name, username, password, and email. Then click the “Install WordPress” button.

WordPress Auth Information

After success, a success page will appear. Click the login button then we will be directed to the login page.


Use the username/email and password we made in the registration form, then click login.

WordPress Installation Success

If the username and password are valid, then we will be directed to the dashboard page.

Login to WordPress Dashboard
WordPress CMS Dashboard

Click the new tab, then click http://localhost/nesiapress_wp/, and congratulations.

The NesiaPress_WP site running on Localhost

You have successfully installed WordPress on localhost windows using XAMPP.

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